Does Your Current IT Infrastructure Tick Any Of The Following Boxes?

Frequent Data Breaches, A Non-Existent Backup and Recovery Plan, Expensive Recovery Options, Slow Response, And A Poor Attitude From Your IT Technician?

  • A Non-Existent Backup and Recovery Plan
  • Slow and Unresponsive Computers
  • Virus and Malware Infections
  • Frequent Problems with Your Email Provider
  • A Poor Attitude and Slow Response From Your IT Technician?

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Reasons MJN IT Is The Right Choice

With you every step of the way.

  • A Proactive Approach - With state-of-the-art remote management and monitoring tools, we can fix issues before problems arise. Don’t ever rely on an IT guy again!

  • Safety First - Without a solid backup solution you run the risk of paying a ransom to cyber criminals in hopes that they grant you access to your data. At MJN IT we make sure you’re not in this situation in the first place. How? By deploying multiple backup solutions, both onsite & offsite. We also perform periodic test restores, and monitor backups to ensure your data is safe.

  • Size doesn't matter - Your business is as important to you as it is to us, no matter the size. We understand the importance of IT in today’s world, and even one-man companies have a right to their systems running smoothly. We echo this sentiment.

  • We Speak In a Language You Understand - You deserve to have your questions answered the way you asked them. In simple English. No fancy jargon means you can fully understand the problem and the problem solving process.

  • Focus On What’s Important: Your Business - Getting caught up in IT troubles is like a web you can never escape. With MJN IT around you’ll never have to worry about the technicalities again. Focus on growing your business. Let us handle the monitoring, setup, maintenance and management of your network every step of the way.


Meet Our Partners


We specialize in working with Dental and Accounting Firms.

MJN IT Solutions’s vast experience with various companies from a wide range of industries over the years has led us to realize one thing: We attract Dental and Accounting firms the most. Therefore, we’re familiar with many of the industry specific software. From ACE to QuickBooks, we’ve seen it all. So if you’re a Dental or Accounting firm in the Long Island area, you know who to contact.

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